Licensing Coin

Licensing Coin

The one-stop shop for media licensing, powered by blockchain.

Licensing Coin is now available at a 50% discount.

50% Discount Sale Period:
10/16/2017 - 12/16/2017
Target Raise: $500k


The media licensing process is a mess.

Mainstream licensing tools are built as closed systems, resulting in limited selection and price manipulation. Companies specialize in specific mediums, meaning publishers need multiple sources to find what they need.

Individual rights-holders typically handle licensing on a case-by-case basis. This requires publisher relationships with hundreds of different groups, a time-intensive process which results in missed opportunities and lost revenue.

We have the solution.

The Licensing Coin Marketplace Consortium offers a real solution.

The full range of media, spanning all mediums from a group of leading sources. Photography, video, audio, text, and more, from both user-generated and professional sources. Our marketplace offers a one-stop shop for all media licensing needs through a series of partnerships with industry leaders like

Every Licensing Coin Marketplace transaction is backed by our legal framework. We will offer a standard set of smart contracts, meaning fewer lawyers and a faster turn-around time on your licensing contract.

An industry-leading 1% transaction fee, beating competition by as much as 30x.

Transactions powered by the Licensing Coin, an Ethereum-based cryptotoken. The LCM smart contract system means each party can partner with confidence, knowing that our system prevents abuse and fraud. The LC cryptotoken also means we can offer same-day billing settlement, complete pricing transparency, and no international transaction fees.

The Licensing Coin Marketplace Consortium brings good governance to a space which sorely needs it. Our ten-member group offers representation from both sides of the marketplace, all mediums, and includes experienced operators. Further, our cryptotoken will follow guidance provided by the ICO Governance Foundation.

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A marketplace built to find what you need, right away.


Powered by a cryptotoken with transparent, sound economics.

No surprises here. In accordance with the guidance provided by the ICO Governance Foundation, we're offering a complete view into the stages of our pre-sale. The Licensing Coin is an open-source token of fixed supply. It is fractionally divisible and long-term non-inflationary.

Distribution Schedule
An initial batch, representing 5% of the total supply, will be made available in September 2017 at an effective price of $0.02 per LC. The Licensing Coin pre-sale event, set to run from October 15, 2017 to December 15, 2017, will offer an additional 10% of the authorized LC at a price of $0.05 per LC

Following the launch of the Licensing Coin Marketplace, the consortium will vote on how and when to sell the remaining 85% of the authorized supply with an eye on building a stable and liquid market for our users. These votes will be announced in advance and the results will be shared immediately.

Angel Stake (9/17)Pre-Sale (10/17)Launch (1/18)Total Supply
5m10m85m100mLicensing Coin
$0.02$0.05$0.10$0.091Dollar / Licensing Coin
$100k$500k$8.5m$9.1mLicensing Coin Market Cap

Use of Funds



Q1 2018

  • January
    • Launch: public marketplace
    • Listing: LC exchange availability
    • Vote, Announcement: '18 distribution plan
    • Announcement: quarterly marketplace performance numbers, qualitative update for alpha + beta period
    • Hiring: sales staff (industry focus)
  • February
    • Announcement: open additional spots for content partners for listing in summer '18
  • March
    • With model and technology stabilized, an emphasis on business development and growth

Q4 2017

  • October
    • $100k Angel Stake sale
    • Announcement: legal team
    • Announcement: five board seats
    • Development: alpha sprint begins
    • $500k Pre-Sale begins
  • November
    • Announcement: final three industry board seats
    • Announcement: full list of launch partners
  • December
    • Announcement: full list of launch exchanges
    • Launch: beta, accessible to all pre-sale tokenholders

Consortium Membership

Andrew J. Chapin
Author, Art of the Initial Coin Offering
Member, ICO Governance Foundation
Co-Founder, Benja (+ benjaCoin ICO)

Tommy Goode
Co-Founder, Benja (+ benjaCoin ICO)



Industry Advisor

Content Partner Seat

Industry Advisor

Content Partner Seat

Legal Advisor Seat

Content Partner Seat